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The POLUS-SAR company has designed and manufactured an unrivaled Satellite Central Refrigeration Unit according to the custom design. The unit has coherent overall dimensions. ⠀ ⠀

Thanks to the collapsible frame with a free-standing receiver station, the challenge of moving the unit to the site along the stairs has been solved.

Advantages of the satellite central refrigeration unit PS.CSNR.04.3x4CES-9Y.1x2FES-2Y.VK:

  • An energy-efficient refrigeration system was implemented using an economizer on the liquid line of a low-temperature central refrigeration plant, with a cooling circuit from a medium-temperature central refrigeration plant.
  • To ensure the smoothest control over the refrigerating unit capacity, the leader compressor is controlled using a Danfoss frequency converter.
  • The control panels of the central refrigeration unit are equipped with electricity meters to transmit readings via the RS-485 protocol.
  • Continuous condensation control is ensured by a frequency converter. The adaptive function applied: floating condensing pressure.
  • If frequency converters for the compressor and condenser fail, there is a backup control system of the central refrigeration plant.