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Polus-Sar has completed and implemented a government contract for a pharmaceutical warehouse: a cold room for storing medicines and drugs.

Unit on the frame PS.ASP.01.H1002SS.РK:

  • based on the DORIN compressor,
  • the chamber volume is 550 m3,
  • cold room temperature range from 2°С to 8°С.

The main differences from other units

  • Rotation Unit:
    • It provides a constant operating time for the units. In the case of a malfunction of the main unit, the backup one automatically turns on.
    • When the temperature exceeds a certain value, a command is sent to turn on two units immediately, after process stabilization, the rotation of the units resumes.
  • SMS monitoring. Sends notifications on a mobile phone:
    • unit failures,
    • about exceeding the set temperature,
    • if the door is left open,
    • about voltage problems (there is an autonomous power source that will ensure the operation of the device even with a complete loss of power),
    • at any time, you can send an SMS command and get a report on the current temperature.
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