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Special units and chambers
Special units and chambers

Special units and chambers


Polus-Sar offers a wide range of refrigeration units in a special design, taking into account the specific operating conditions according to an individual technical design specification. We also design and assemble control boxes for refrigeration systems, industrial ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Our refrigeration equipment control boxes have at least IP54 degree of protection, so they can be installed in wet rooms, outdoors, in the engine rooms of the refrigeration system. Customized chambers can perform many different functions, including:

  • Control of the refrigeration process by regulating the condensation pressure of the refrigerant;

  • Control and regulation of the refrigerant boiling pressure;

  • Power supply and protection of all elements of the refrigeration system;

  • Showing of the main parameters of the unit on the displays of electronic controllers, as well as by lights located on the chamber door;

  • Blocking the opening of the solenoid valves of the evaporators in case of the emergency stop of all compressors of the unit;

  • The 3-phase network control monitor;

  • Possibility of installing a programmable control unit for the refrigeration equipment control process;

  • Possibility of installing a monitoring system and remote control of the operation of the freezing and refrigerating system.

  • The units can be supplied with a frame-mounted or free-standing control box.
  • Refrigeration capacity: from 10 kW.
  • Refrigerant boiling temperature range: from -80 °C to +30 °C