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Fluid coolers (dry-coolers)
Fluid coolers (dry-coolers) Fluid coolers (dry-coolers) Fluid coolers (dry-coolers)

Fluid coolers (dry-coolers)


High-tech dry cooling towers are indispensable in creating reliable, comfortable, industrial, and process cooling systems.

The products from the factories ALFA-LAVAL, Thermokey, GUENTNER, Karyer, LU-VE are designed for heat exchange between heat transfer fluids and the environment. Since this process takes place without direct contact of the liquid with the cooling air, the devices in which it takes place are called "dry cooling towers". They are designed in such a way that the liquid, participating in technological processes and requiring cooling, circulates through the tubes of special heat exchangers equipped with aluminum plates (fins). And the external surrounding air is forcibly driven between these plates, taking away excess heat from the liquid. With this method of cooling, the liquid is in a closed loop, is not consumed, does not evaporate, is not contaminated, and can be used cyclically. Dry coolers are used in industries where large volumes of coolant are required for the technological process.

  • Condenser type: flat (vertical/horizontal), V-shaped
  • Heat flow: 8-2000 kW
  • Fan diameter: 450-900 mm
  • Fan motor type: АС/EC
  • Noise level: S, Q, L, R
  • Number of condenser fans: 1-16 pcs