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Air-cooled condensers
Air-cooled condensers Air-cooled condensers

Air-cooled condensers


An air condenser is a type of heat exchange equipment that is designed for removing heat in the atmosphere. They work flawlessly in conjunction with cooling and air conditioning systems and remove the heat that is generated during the immediate operation of the main equipment. Remote condensers are primarily intended for outdoor installation. Our company uses air-cooled condensers from world manufacturers: Thermokey, GUENTNER, Karyer, LU-VE, etc.
The balance of the aluminum lamellas configuration, the diameter of copper tubes with special internal fins, high-efficiency fans, and the case design allows achieving high heat transfer performance and providing:

  • efficient removal of excess heat outdoors;

  • adjustability in installation, the ability to take into account the architectural features of the building;

  • operation durability, structure reliability;

  • modern materials used in production;

  • low noise;

  • reasonable pricing of the manufacturer;

  • constant improvement.

  • maximum power in relation to the overall dimensions of the equipment;

  • compliance with stringent noise emission limits regulations.
  • Condenser type: flat (vertical/horizontal), V-shaped
  • Heat flow: 8-2000 kW
  • Fan diameter: 450-900 mm
  • Fan motor type: АС/EC
  • Noise level: S, Q, L, R
  • Number of condenser fans: 1-16 pcs